Welcome, Welcome!

Hi! I’m so glad you’ve come to check out my new blog!😀

I felt that God had put it on my heart to make a Christian blog where I can give advice and help to those who need it and, to be honest, I need this blog myself! I haven’t been the best at growing closer to God and I feel like this blog will help me to do so:)

Make sure to check out my page, “The Mission” where you can learn all about the mission of this blog and how I came to name it “He Rights My Wrongs.”

I certainly hope you come back, comment, and maybe even follow!:)

Have a wonderful day and thanks for looking!:)


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17 thoughts on “Welcome, Welcome!”

  1. Hey, Jaclyn! I really want to make a Christian blog too…. but my mom is kinda strict about having too many things going on. I wanna have a Christian blog, and still keep my old one! Have any suggestions?

    1. Hi Anika!
      That is awesome that you’d like to make a Christian blog, too! I understand about having a lot of things going on, this being my third blog and all, but here’s my advice for running more than one blog;
      I try to post on my other 2 blogs once a week on whatever day works best for me (I usually try to plan ahead 😉 ). With this blog, I’m planning to just post whenever I feel inspired to post something. With a blog like this, it’s about serious stuff, so you definitely don’t want to force it. So I’m thinking I’ll post on here like a few times a month or so 🙂
      I’d definitely talk to your mom about your passion to start a Christian blog, because that’s really a wonderful thing! But if she doesn’t want you to have more than one blog, then maybe just post some Christian stuff every now and then on your current blog. You can make a page for it or make it a monthly thing, whatever works best for you! I’m sure it can be figured out somehow 🙂
      I hope this was helpful!

      1. Thanks so much! This was very helpful! My mom did say no… But I decided to change the look of my blog and change it up a bit. Now at the end of every post I will have the verse of the week, a bibical life lesson, my highlights and lowlights of the week, and also some tips for getting closer with God. Please check my blog out! It looks a lot cooler with my spring theme now!

        1. That is awesome, Anika! I’m glad it was able to be worked out! 😀
          I’ll be sure to check out your blog 🙂

  2. Beautiful, beautiful blog, Jaclynn! <3 I love everything about it…the design, the name…but most of all, I love the mission and the purpose behind it. I'm eagerly awaiting future posts, and I cannot wait to see what this blog becomes. Wonderful job!!

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