Fulfillment ~Journal Entry #1

I got a book recently called Lady in Waiting – it’s about becoming the right woman while you wait for the right man to come. This book was absolutely amazing and now I’m doing the journal that was included in the expanded edition of the book. It takes sections from the chapters and gives you space to journal your thoughts. And I thought that I would share with you what I write down and at the end I will put a quote from the book 🙂


Single or married, man or woman, young or old – we all have unrealistic expectations that “fill in the blank” will make us happy. Maybe it will for a time, but ultimately God is the One who fulfills us, sustains, completes, and satisfies us. 

I have thought myself that being in a relationship would make me happy and complete. Sadly, no one here on earth can completely satisfy us – they will always let us down and prove to be a disappointment in some way or another. 

However sad this may be, it’s nothing to be upset about because we have God – He loves us, cherishes us, strengthens us, upholds us – He is everything. He is all that we need. He makes us complete – we only have to be willing to accept that and strong enough to never let the smallest doubt sway us from the truth.


“Fulfillment for a Christian woman begins with the Lordship of Christ in every area of her life.”


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