His Blueprints~ Journal Entry #3

Hi everyone! I got a little behind on doing my journal, but I did it today, so here I am with my entry! 🙂


Before we were saved we had blueprints that caused us to sin and do evil things. When we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior we were given new blueprints that were for following God and serving Him alone.

We still have the old blueprints, though which gives us a choice – to serve our flesh and fall into sin or to serve Christ and have a peace and joy that goes beyond all understanding.

As Christians – sons and daughters of the King – we should be seeking to please Him and Him alone. God is my Father and as I wish to please my earthly father so also should I wish to please my Heavenly Father. 

This means that I have to choose my God given blueprints so I can serve Him properly and throw away the old ones – dying to myself and the desires of my flesh to live in Christ and fulfill the desires He has for me.


“…His blueprints, not her elementary scribbling; God’s assignment, not her foolish plans…”


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