Weekly Inspiration – Week 2

“I am found
I am Yours
I am loved
I’m made pure
I have life
I can breathe
I am healed
I am free

You are strong
You are sure
You are life
You endure
You are good
Always true
You are light
Breaking through

You are more than enough
You are here
You are love
You are hope
You are grace
You’re all I have
You’re everything.”

~Lauren Daigle~

We have God and He is all that we need. No one on earth could ever be all those things listed above; people fail us again and again. They deceive us, they break us, they leave us and abuse us, but God never fails. He loves us unconditionally, He saves us, He heals us, He guides us through the storms of life and never leaves our side. <3


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